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8551 E. Anderson Dr., Scottsdale AZ 85255

Phone: 480-248-6534

Classes offered

Main Content: Our trainers offer a variety of fitness training classes.  The following are currently active classes.  Please contact the Trainers directly at the link provided to sign up for any class.

Skills and Techniques Boxing Class

Are you ready to KO some Calories? Come Join the BEST Boxing Classes in the Valley. We have all the equipment on site to strap on the gloves for a great cardio boxing workout.

And have fun while doing so!!

Striking Class

Wanna learn how Mayweather went Undefeated? The Secret Sauce Is In Our Gym with Hans Hammer Teaching participants on How to Train like the Champ and Get in a Great Workout!!

Boxing Conditioning

Instead of running or biking in place come try this awesome Cardio Boxing Class!