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Trainers Profile

Bob Lutfy

Bob Lutfy or Mayor Bob as the members in our facility and clients know him.  Why Mayor Bob?  Because this guy is the most down to earth, humble, easy going, and enjoyable to be around person we have ever met.  Everyone of our clients who work with him say it would be impossible not to like Bob.  That’s why The Fitness Doctor (The Fitness Doctor is a fitness training system which uses evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription to develop the World’s best fitness programs) made him VP of Strength and Conditioning.  In other words, he’s the man who has direct interaction in overseeing the clients fitness training and results assurance.  When you are doing months and years of exercise sessions with us you want someone who is a joy to be around - Bob is that man.  To reference The Fitness Doctor website, click on the link to the right…

Bob earned his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Master’s in Physical Education.  He has 24 years of experience helping individuals become their best through optimal physical performance.  While working in Zweibrucken, Germany he transformed the U.S. Air Force Base gym from a dilapidated run down facility into a State of The Art Athletic Training Center.  Under his management he also developed physical performance programs for the U.S. Special Operations Forces.  He was featured in Men’s Journal as one of the United States top 100 trainers.  Yep, and he is right here in Scottsdale!

In addition to performance applications of exercise he also has experience as an affiliate of multiple orthopedic clinics providing exercise theraphy to post op and post rehab patients.

As an athlete, Bob was the 2001 Mr. USA Bodybuilding Champion (the most competitive amateur bodybuilding contest in the world).

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