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Trainers Profile

Dane Setner

My name is Dane Setner and I have been a personal trainer since 1999.  Over the course of my career, I’ve worked at some of the most well known health clubs in Chicago, including the Lincoln Park Athletic Club, Lifetime Fitness and Equinox.  Most recently (for the last 10 years), I’ve owned and operated my own independent fitness consultancy offering customized personal training services - Newbody Training.  I’m proud to say that in my fitness career, my experiences have been extensive and numerous, having worked with a range of ages and fitness levels, each time assisting individuals reach their goals.  In fact, I’ve successfully trained people for fitness contests, readied people for personal highlights, such as weddings and reunions, and have invested many hours training individuals for body part strength conditioning, athletic events and and, yes, even for simple summer toning.  You will find that I’m more than comfortable providing fitness consultancy and training on a 1 to 1 basis and in a group training format.

ACE certified
90 hours training/coursework in biomechanics at Equinox Fitness Training Institute

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