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Trainers Profile

Jacque Boyd

    I was interested in the fitness field since I was 16 years of age.  It was a passion and goal of mine to become a professional fitness trainer. As a single Mother of 4 children, I was able to not only complete my Fitness career but, another goal of owning my own training facility, have been met. 

    I have been a Certified Personal trainer with ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), for over 12 years and love every minute that I am in the gym training one of my clients. 

    In 2001 I owned and operated a small fitness center in the city of Show Low Arizona, known as “The Old Town Gym”, where I continued my personal training. I have taught numerous seminars on the benefits of personal fitness to the youth and other organizations in the Show Low community.  I then sold the gym after 2 years and moved to North Scottsdale.

    I am now an Independent trainer for Maximum Fitness.  In the last 9 years I have worked on building and achieving my clientele here at Maximum Fitness. For the last 3 years I have included group training for big corporations, helping them to lower the cost of their health Insurance by keeping their employees active, healthy & fit.  I will always have a passion for my business in sport training, and I achieved the goals that I set for myself.  Now, my main focus is achieving your goals: “Let’s get started!”

      *Body Shaping                         *Improve Lifestyle
      *Weight Management                   *Improve Diet
      *Muscular Strength                     *Improve Self Image
      *Exercise Adherence                   *Aerobic Improvement
      *Improve Health                       *Athletic Performance

“Because Endorphins Feel Good!”
ISSA Certified

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