Our trainers are independent of us, so if you would like to train with one of them please contact them directly.


Come join us each Friday, have a great workout, and don’t forget to pick up a healthy snack on your way out!

Trainers Profile

Kelly Johnson
 602 770-3416

I create specific training programs designed to transform the body and mind. Your individual needs are addressed through strength, cardio, and plyometrics programs to help you achieve maximal potential.

·      BS, exercise science, Minor Psychology, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Certified Personal Trainer, American Counsel on Exercise, Tabatta Boot Camp, CPR/First Aid

·      10 years of experience training a variety of high school, college and professional athletes
·      Specialize in Sport specific training and “Quality of Life Fitness”
·      Experience with speed, agility, strength, conditioning, reactive ability and core training

I will destroy your mind and body and from the ashes will rise a new powerful Phoenix to conquer your life goals!

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