Our trainers are independent of us, so if you would like to train with one of them please contact them directly.


Come join us each Friday, have a great workout, and don’t forget to pick up a healthy snack on your way out!

Come join us!  We’d love to have you

Free Pass

Please stop by to take advantage of a free one-week pass. Experience our gym and find out why you definitely want to join.  Our monthly fees are very reasonable and competitive.

We offer locker rooms with shower facilities and a place to store your personal items for the day. You provide your own lock and your own towel and we’ll provide the locker.

Our Gym is also the last large facility that has Independent Trainers. We have dozens of trainers as a fitness resource at varying times of our operating hours.

So why not try us out for free?  No strings attached.  Just click on the coupon to the right here, and print it out and bring it with you to our front counter.  Anyone of our courteous staff will be happy to give you a tour, get you started and let you work out for ONE WHOLE WEEK on us. 

We are that confident that you will fall in love with our gym and want to come back.  And why not!  If you’ve been looking for a gym to call your own, you found it.


There are no high pressure sales people working on commission that just want to sign you up.  All of our staff, trainers and gym members care about the well being of everyone at Maximum Fitness.  We’re proud of our long history of serving Scottsdale and helping everyone reach their fitness and health goals.