Our gym is a 16,000 square foot facility. What does that mean for you? Its means you have as much room as you want to workout. It means you are never walking around people, or feeling like your shoulder to shoulder with someone else. It means you will not have to wait for a machine while someone decides to sit and take a rest break on it. 

Click on any picture here to get a fullsize version of it.

Cardio Training Area

We have a large selection of cardio machines:

Upright Bikes

Recumbent Bikes

Elliptical machines

Stair Masters

Step Mills

Arm Bikes

Resistance and Machine Area

We get and keep only the machines that our members like and actually use.

With that in mind, you’re in for a great workout with our selection of machines:

Old school & new school mix of Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Atlantis, & Paramount Machines

Five Cable Cross Over Machines

Huge Selection of Leg Presses, Hack Squats, Leg Extensions, Seated & Standing Leg Curls

Huge Ab Selection, Weighted and Free

Boxing Area

Some of our equipment includes:

Speed Bags

Heavy Bags

Fairtex Kicking Bags

Double End Bagsver Machines

Upper Cut Bags

Ground & Pound Bags

Funnel Bag

“Bob” Dummies

Focus Mits

Hand-Held Kicking Pads

Sharp Shooter Bag

Free Weight Area

Our free weights area includes:

4 Squat Cages

Olympic Lift Platform with Rubber Plates

Elevated Deadlift Platform

Flat, Incline, & Decline Barbell

Dumbbell Benches

Huge Selection of Dumbbells up to 150lbs

Fixed Straight & Kinked Bars

Trap and Safety Bars

Fixed Straight & Kinked Bars

Extreme Training Amenities

Our free weights area includes:

Tractor and Car Tires for Flipping

Sledge Hammers for Ab Swingers

Tsunami Ropes

Kettle Bells

Agility Rings & Ladders

Prowler Sled

Multiple Height Plyometric Boxes



There are no high pressure sales people working on commission that just want to sign you up. All of our staff, trainers and gym members care about the well being of everyone at Maximum Fitness. We’re proud of our long history of serving Scottsdale and helping everyone reach their fitness and health goals.